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Medical billing, coding, compliance, contracting, financial management and human resource management are interdependent components of physician practices. Individually and collectively they are subject to a host of complex rules, regulations and processes that are ever-changing and frequently interpreted in unclear ways.

IPMS applies its expertise, technology and in-depth understanding of these intricacies to deliver physicians clarity resulting in enhanced profitability that is deeply appreciated.

IPMS Mission:


IPMS’s mission is to maximize profitable physician practice outcomes through the application of extensive expertise and experience in managing billing, coding, financial and human resource functions in a manner that is supportive, insightful, trusting and completely fulfills the expectations of our clients.


IPMS Core Values


IPMS accomplishes its mission through the attainment of the following goals:

  • We deliver what we promise.

  • We provide outstanding customer service.

  • We emphasize advanced and substantial knowledge of changes that impact client outcomes.

  • We work together as a team with clients and fellow employees.

  • We pay close attention to details.

  • We use sound judgement in all situations.

  • We apply continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our business and services.

  • We earn and retain the long-term trust of our clients through our professionalism, integrity and the successful outcomes we deliver.

IPMS Vision

We, the employees and management of Integrated Physicians Management Services, Inc. are committed to accomplishing our mission and goals. By practicing the high standards of our Company culture we are an industry leader whose reputation arises from the outcomes and successes that we deliver for our clients. Our vision is to apply IPMS’s distinct company capabilities and culture to become the recognized industry leader in multiple medical practice markets.



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Information you need to know about the 835/ERA remittance you received from us in November
Last month, we issued duplicate 835 electronic remittance advice (ERA) to some providers.
If you received these duplicate statements, please refer to the latest one dated  Read More

This year, IPMS is proud to sponsor the Make A Wish Foundation whose mission is to grant wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions.



Make A Wish Mission Statement: "We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy."